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Jewelry branding design for Ellas jewels, rooted in the history of Casa Grande Sant’Ana. A new concept was born in a world of fashion, design and new trends.
Bullseye has developed an identity and packaging design for Ellas brand, communicating a standard of luxury and style.

Our design team achieved this branding from the created elements of the Coat of Arms of Casa Sant’ana. And with the union of 3 representative elements of the 3 creative sisters and ambassadors of the new brand. Sharing their great passion about photography, fashion and with great new trends. The Sisters have united the necessary elements for everyday life.

The Ellas logotype transmits a graphic sophistication of the brand. It’s refine identity has been foil-stamped, with a consistent application of the brand on it’s stationery, boxes, shopping bags and ribbons. Creating a everlasting luxurious sense.

This jewelry branding set a luxury status with a family bonding business. Those are the core values of the sister’s brand Ellas, which it connects with the feminine world, as their target audience.

Ellas brand identity has won a bronze award, with their corporate identity, at the international festival “Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade“.

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