Le Petit Ange

Le Petit Ange

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design

Le Petite Ange is a branding design project for children fashion boutique. For this identity, our challenge was to create a logo, graphic and packaging design for this new boutique. Relying on the values of elegance and purity as concept for the creation of this fashion children’s branding.

As a solution, and according to the target of boutique Le Petite Ange, we developed an identity that was communicated to the female spectrum. In a contemporary language, this branding has used two sublime colors scheme, which transmits the energy with a simple touch of innocence, mirroring the best of the world of the little ones. Just like their logo, it contains a typography that incorporates the boutique’s own name. In order for the brand to be communicated in different ways, we have also developed a packaging design to wrap the delicate garments and accessories Le Petite Ange brand promotes.

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