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Web Design Project for Spaceworkers® – architecture and design studio located in Paredes, northern Portugal.
The studio has based its practice on the exploration and constant pursuit of new paradigms of contemporary architecture, in achieving an intimate relationship between form and emotions.

The work of the studio reflects the pragmatic vision with which it faces the challenges and the critical spirit with which it evaluates the context that surrounds it,
appealing to the sensibility of its clients for a new way to face and perceive space in its sensorial dimension.

The contemporary minimalism that Spaceworkers® has already used to us, appears as an essential mark throughout the layout of the web design project.

The goal for development of the website was for institutional issues. Demonstrating all the projects developed by the architecture studio, to date. As well as, the creation of a contact platform for the Spaceworkers® target. The website is the reflection of a minimal gallery, in order to enhance the concept of the studio. We also have developed a page to show all the references that Spaceworkers had in the media, as well as won prizes.

The project Spaceworkers®, won a bronze prize, with its web design project, at the international festival “Prémios Lusófonos da criatividade”.

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