La Pinta

La Pinta

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Packaging

La Pinta, a dream’s come true, emerging from the earth’s nostalgia and gratitude. 

Whenever someone is far away from home, the taste and smell are both senses more difficult to get used to. Truth is, there are so few magical things, like the capacity to evoke an image in our minds just by the smell, or even a flavor, can revive a moment of our lives. 

Without a doubt, odors and flavors from Andaluzia, Spain, shape a part of our memory, history and our lives. 

Our hams and sausages are 100% Iberian from Bolota. La Pinta, aims to take those sensations to your home, a degustation that creates an authentic moment of pleasure and happiness, it’s aroma, will make you realize there’s a southern place, a small paradise, that resembles an exceptional feast. 

In 2018, La Pinta will launch its products with a visual identity that preserves the tradition and the quality of the Iberian products. Genuine sausages, from a protected designation of origin, showed through a design that demonstrates the legacy and culture of this region.

La Pinta brand identity has won a silver award, with their corporate identity and packaging, at the international festival “Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade

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