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In every brand identity, we produce, is a step further in creating a clearer and effective communication.

With that in mind, the brand identity created for the international brand, Phosforma, assures this powerful communication to its audience.

Phosforma is a progressive brand with innovative ideas, Phosforma aims to be a recognized leader and provider of professional lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor building applications. Its mission is to set new standards within the lighting industry through our work and how we approach a project. The Phosforma brand and culture is defined by a passion for lighting and a set of core values that we truly work within.

“We instill confidence in those we work with, which is central to everything we do.”

The logo color scheme describes the different shades it can be created with their lighting solutions. Also, the orange color included in the identity represents the brand’s new energy and modern products. In the stationary created for Phosforma, it transmits the brand’s core values with a contemporary approach. The detail present in their business card has a round cuted circle, clear to see their source of energy, intending to communicate the light passing through.

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